Crotchet baby blankets and granny squares

I have been able to crotchet since junior school when the teachers decided that my class was all going to learn how to knit or crotchet. I loved it and it is part if me

Over the years I have made scarfs, soft toys and blankets. A baby in the family usually heralds a spate of making.

Once Jon suggested that made the Eiffel Tower and a Bugatti car as a bit of competitive play.( It was great fun, I think I was stuck in bed loosing babies at the time , it kept me occupied for hours ).

When I crotchet, I seem to knit the time or what ever is happening on the news or TV into the patterns, when I think about making, I can see where I was, in colour. I suspect it is because I have to sit still. The process reflects my art character, I love mixing bright colours and textures and I can’t read word based patterns so I make things up as it go along or copy from made items. Straight narrow scarfs are a nightmare because I can’t count.

I made rainbow blankets for Islah as a baby and then recently pink squares for her 3rd birthday. My friend Krysten loved Islah’s so much that I made her one. People seem to appreciate the home made aspect and my colour mixing. One friend said that it was so neat and tidy …..anyone that knows me will be amused that anything I have made is neat and tidy

I find it very addictive and love the fact that doing art everyday has strengthen ed my hands, so that I can make for hours again. Before we moved I thought my making days were over really, but now I am back. Below is my latest colour mixing for a blanket for me





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