Making Edinburgh ATC’s

Continuing the theme of home from an earlier post this week . I was excited to join a country/state themed ATC swap. It has been fun thinking up a way to represent my new home in a way that wasn’t too stereotypical.

Yesterday at a yard sale I found a couple of 1960’s ribbon catalogues


One page was full of clan ribbons, so I made copies and printed them out as an A4 sheet. I have a collection of letters cut out from magazines and I used these to collage words on to spaces. For example ‘Edinburgh’ is in ‘Midlothian’ , (which I didn’t know existed until I moved up) . ‘Haggis’ has become a regular weekly meal, especially the vegetation version with tatties, neeps and gravy.


I cut the pages to size, some layouts worked better than others, I added little versions of the Saltire or St Andrew’s flag and some have a silouhette of a highland terrier on! (Not tooo many stereotypes then ….)

After writing about how Scotland could never be home like Oxfordshire, I got a kick out of messing about with Scottish imagery, and words . I write Edinburgh and Scotland down all the time because of all the snail mail I send, it felt nice making and being repetitive with themes but not making 25 copies of exactly the same piece


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