My iPhone Apps

I am completely addicted to Instagram, and posting my photos in any shape or form.
The Apps I use all the time are Autostitch, Instagram, Snapseed and reflection

On IG to date I have 1.124 posts, 512 followers and I am following 80 people. I only really started being obsessed about them, well it, when we moved to Scotland. I used it as a tool before to display work. Now it is a way of having electronic interaction because most my friends bodies are not in the imm eadiate vicinity.

I had to think about that last sentence, I didn’t want to offend any electronic friends ……

I use IG as a tool, I am teaching on it occasionally. I can post video, animation, grids of pics, step by step photos of work, manipulate images in conjunction with applications to my hearts content. I am also posting journal pages, arranging art swaps, commenting on people’s work, entering into written dialogue. Collaborating, having a laugh, learning about baby Zebra finches, sharing what people’s family’s get up to, learning about weather in different parts of the world, looking at what people eat, what other people are teaching, art making, sewing, visiting, photographing, entering competitions, ATC, post cards and journal swaps
Learning bookbinding and crafting vocabulary. Discussing health issues, sending electronic cards, well wishes and congratulations, considerations, the list goes on and on

Screen dump from my photo feed from the last few days


This shows from top left
The view from the lounge/ guest bedroom window

A grid of photos of my crotchet blanket manipulated in iPhone applications

A reflection pattern of said blanket

Jon wrapped up in blanket, watching the TV

A pattern based on flower ATC’s for a swap

A pat which shows the happy mail I received from Eden

Sunlight and the kitchen window

Patterns made from kitchen window views from different days and weather

Bedroom window

Dundas St showing rain and threatening Storm

Some lettering that caught my eye outside a pub

I am having an out the window phase …….


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