200 Objects from Edinburgh

This is another post i wrote up and didn’t post til now
‘I went to see Mark Dion’s exhibition if 200 objects from the Edinburgh Hospital. I was fascinated by the objects and the stories that belong to each object. I was disappointed by the execution of the display.The objects and their stories were fabulous, Dion had chosen one item or group of items to represent the 200 years of the hospitals history. The objects were all displayed in a cabinet of curiosities style, the room in the Talbert Rice Gallery, it is a huge room and there is low lighighting, I don’t know if this is deliberate to preserve some things but I was very disappointed, I visited Grayson Perry’s objects at the British museum and there was a dynamism and fluidity about that that was exciting. Here the stories were separate from the objects
drily presented in a little book.

I would have loved to walk through the objects, facsimiles could have been handled , stories celebrated and the display erected with a more 3D use of space so that items were viewed from different angles not just face on in a display case



Before the performance- War Horse

I wrote this in January in anticipation of having a new blog on my phone. I am checking through my notes and adding posts as I find them. We went to see War horse in Edinburgh for my Christmas present. This was the first time I thought about doing my architectural motif mandalas

‘I am In the dress circle, excited by the motifs and decoration on the ceiling, the chairs, pillars
‘oh no I feel a new project coming on, architectural motif mandalas’ all I said to Jon was’ look at all the patterns ‘ and then ‘oh No ‘ and he started chuckling,
Why do I notice all the small things? when I have been ill in the past, I can feel visually overwhelmed, shopping and walking around shops , the stimuli and colour and text tooo much , One of Deb’s challenges for this year is to notice the small things in life, sometimes I would like to turn that facility off lol!

Texture and pattern, red velvet, leather and studs on the seats, a spotty shirt a grey sparky fluff jumper, pearls, hexagonal ceiling lights, pink red stained glass lamp shades, the sweep of the circle, the bleak stage set odd of coiffed fair, and sparkly bits on show
Every pillar top is carved and guilded, Grecian twirls circles, leaves
Laurel wreaths adorn the arches’

Instagram topics

I am thinking about using my Instagram feed as a source of data for a paper, I’m not sure about the subject matter yet but here are a few different topics of things that come up on my Instagram feed other than art/ photography
Migraines / health issues / advice and support
Trading work ATC’s etc
Food – pineapple upside down cake
Art advice
Feelings and emotions
Self harm
Communication between people
About dates weekends away
Self promotion eg art exhibition
Different types of images
Photography landscapes portraits
Pet portraits etc
Quietly observing – photos in a coffee shop
Regular views of the same thing eg dog walks

iPhone blogging / Barbican Centre/ Gluten and Dairy free help

I had a blog on the google blog tesswyatt@blogspot.com but I can’t upload pics onto it from my iPhone so I am trailing this platform!

I just visited London for the weekend and flew rather than used the train! It was such an easy journey in comparison, though because of the tube engineering works it was a bit hairy trying to get to London City airport.

I had lunch with my daughter at the Barbican Centre, I think I must have visited before, but I don’t remember being inside. We had a nice lunch in the restaurant and the staff were very accommodating of our dairy and Gluten free diet.

Afterwards Holly took me to the conservatory and the cactus room, (which is only open on Sundays)
several plants were in flower, beautiful vibrant colours